“This is what happens to customers who refuse to pay” (video)

Jamie, a British gardener, is unhappy. One of his clients refused to pay for his services in Whitworth, Lancashire, UK. The latter claims that her hedge was trimmed “unevenly” and “asymmetrically” and therefore refuses to pay the £40 (around 47 euros) requested.

Jamie and his team decided not to let it go and brought the green waste back to their client by dumping it in her garden over the fence: “This is what happens to clients who refuse to pay for our work” .

“A question of principle”

The Briton filmed his revenge and shared it on Facebook. A video that has been viewed more than 300,000 times and which made the client react. This one denies the facts and affirms that she is ready to pay Jamie for his services: “She can keep her money, I am not so desperate. But it was a matter of principle,” the man told the Daily Mail.

Following the publication of the video, Internet users congratulated Jamie for his work … but also for his revenge: “Well done guys, she deserved it”, can we read in particular in the comments.