This is what it’s like to work with Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, owners of Wrexham

  • Wrexham AFC manager Phil Parkinson enjoyed working with Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney.
  • The actors bought the Welsh club last year for $2.5 million.
  • “I enjoyed every minute of it,” Parkinson told Insider.
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Wrexham AFC manager Phil Parkinson said working with Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney had been a “whirlwind” ahead of contesting the first FA Trophy final in almost a decade.

Reynolds and McElhenney surprisingly bought the Welsh club in February 2021 for $2.5 million.

Since then, the team managed to qualify for the National League playoffs, very close to returning to the English Football League, from which it left in 2008.

Parkinson’s men also reached the FA Trophy final, a milestone they had not achieved for nine years, losing 1-0 to Bromley FC at Wembley Stadium.

“I enjoyed every minute of it,” Parkinson, who took over as coach at the start of the season, told Insider. “It’s been exciting, like a whirlwind from the day I arrived.”

Parkinson said that when he took over, the club had no medical department or physiotherapist. He only had a “shabby team” to work with, which he changed under Reynolds and McElhenney.

In January, Wrexham completed four transfers, including the club’s record signing of striker Ollie Palmer from AFC Wimbledon. Since then, the Englishman has scored 15 goals in 21 games for the Dragons.

“So many things have had to be put in place,” Parkinson said. “But I have to be honest, I really enjoyed the challenge and every day going to work.”

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Phil Parkinson, Wrexham AFC manager |  Business Insider Mexico
Phil Parkinson, director técnico del Wrexham AFC. | Action Images/John Sibley

Last summer, just after Reynolds and McElhenney took over, Parkinson oversaw a complete overhaul of the team he inherited from previous Wrexham boss Dean Keates. He signed 11 players, and six of them were free transfers.

Defender Ben Tozer was among those joining the club, from Cheltenham Town for an undisclosed fee.

The 32-year-old told Insider that the high-profile acquisition has been “incredibly exciting.”

“There has been a big stir at the club,” he said. “There was so much excitement in the place. When the owners first came it was a bit like a circus, but since then it has become a bit more normal.”

“It’s great. You know, I’m not really mad at the publicity and things like that. It’s good for the club to have a lot more coverage.”

Asked if he’s had any personal interactions with Reynolds or McElhenney, Tozer said, “Yeah, it’s been great. Just normal. Every time they come, you talk to them and try to have a normal conversation, but there are often cameras.”

“We also get weird messages from them here and there, which is good. You don’t want to seem like a fan boy texting them and whatever, you just want to keep it normal. That is the best way,” he added.

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