This is what surveillance cameras revealed regarding the death of the Jordanian artist, Ashraf Telfah, in Egypt

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The inspection and preliminary security examination revealed new details about the assault and death of the Jordanian artist, Ashraf Talfah.

And the surveillance cameras of the compound in which he resides in the October region showed that no one entered or left in a contemporary time due to the injury of the Jordanian artist, according to the Cairo 24 website.

The inspection and examination revealed that there was no theft of any belongings from inside the hotel apartment rented by the Jordanian artist, and it was also found that there was no scattering in the contents of the apartment.

The security services and the investigation authorities seized the surveillance cameras in the compound, and the Public Prosecution office investigated the incident and ordered an examination of the anatomical character and an autopsy of the Jordanian artist, and all his belongings were handed over to his eligibility.

Yesterday, Jordanian and Arab media reported unconfirmed news that the Jordanian artist, Ashraf Talfah, had entered a coma, yesterday, Sunday, after being attacked in Egypt by a person, which caused him severe brain bleeding.