This is why Pages is better than Microsoft Word

Pages is one of the best alternatives that any Apple user can find in Microsoft Word. Despite the fact that this application is widely used and widespread in the world, the original Apple application has many advantages that make it a great option for all Apple device users.

If you had Windows before owning a Mac, you probably used the Office suite to prepare projects for university, work or your own projects. Then, if you have a Mac or iPad, the default iWork suite will appear in the Dock, a direct replacement for Office. Both suites include a word processing tool, called iWork Pages And in the office it’s called Microsoft Word.

Five advantages of Pages over Microsoft Word

iWork, and Pages in particular, is one of the essential programs to learn how to use on a Mac, and in this post we’ll look at five reasons why Pages is better than Microsoft Word.

  • Simple and minimal interface: Pages has a very simple interface that makes most of the common features available. That’s not to say it doesn’t have professional features, but they’re in very specific places to access them. The use of these tools is timed, which is why Apple keeps them in specific places in the interface, while the most popular options are visible at a glance. In addition, this interface allows us to focus on the preparation of the project.
  • Cloud sync and collaboration: Everything you do in this suite can be synchronized not only with the iCloud cloud, but with all the other devices you have connected to your Apple ID at any given time. Since its inception, Apple has always wanted its products to be better connected and integrated with each other, and the synergy that iWork brings to your computers is proof of this.
  • Compatibility with Microsoft Office Suite: Pages offers better compatibility with the Microsoft suite. In this way, you can work on pages and then send the document to your colleague without any problems. This compatibility is not the same from Microsoft to Pages, so Pages’ versatility is a big advantage over Microsoft. Pages can work with files in formats like .Doc or .XML without problems.
  • Free: Pages is a native Apple program, so it’s free for all Mac users. Conversely, Word is a paid application with a high annual subscription, so price is a factor to consider. Sites you pay nothing, no upgrades, specific features. The entire package is completely free for Mac users.
  • Storage and weight of your files: Pages is a native Apple app, so it’s optimized for macOS. This upgrade allows the files and applications created to weigh much less than Microsoft Word documents, so the flow of working with them and moving files around is much better.
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