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Dividing with Playmobil, trying a scientific experiment with a glass of water and paper, discovering the kim game or playing with numbers: these are some of the proposals already available on Pauline Delcroix’s YouTube channel. Kindergarten teacher at the private Mother Teresa school, she is already at 32 videos published since the start of containment. These tutorials all last less than a minute. Short and efficient.

“The idea is to help them, to give them ideas, because we know that it is difficult for them”

These mini-films are not intended for children, but above all for “ super parents As she calls them when speaking to them. ” The idea is to help them, to give them ideas, because we know that it is difficult for them, some are overwhelmed, especially in large families “, She says. Each activity is part of the Montessori pedagogy, simplified so that everything can be made with objects that everyone has at home.

The video format was chosen on purpose because it is more accessible than email. ” It affects more parents, and it allows you to do things without printers “, Indicates the teacher, whose class includes 26 pupils from three to six years: the small, medium and large sections are mixed.

Over 380 subscribers

The project clearly responds to the fear that has been expressed everywhere since the schools were closed: home schooling risk of widening educational inequalities, depending on the size or socio-cultural level of the families. The Mother Teresa school, located in Cul-de-Four, in the northern districts of Roubaix, is one of the poorest in the diocese, according to Pauline Delcroix. ” There is a risk that children will spend a lot of time in front of the screens, she fears. With these videos, we can hope that they manipulate objects, and learn while having fun.

The first returns are in any case very positive: the children are delighted to see their mistress and some parents send the photos of their creations after having followed the tutorial. And obviously, the initiative reaches far beyond the school, since the channel has more than 380 subscribers. This success is hardly surprising, since the tutorials can speak to all parents. If you have young children, take a look: it’s a wealth of ideas!



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