This Latina was arrested for selling churros in the subway. His tears have caused outrage against the police

The arrest of a woman selling churros without a license at a subway station in New York City has caused outrage on social networks when the video of the police action was released, as reported by the NBC network.

In the recording, a police officer explains that it is illegal to sell food inside the station. The person who apparently recorded and published the video on the social network Twitter, which identifies itself as Sofia B. Newman and claims to be an actress, asks the agents (there are three in uniform, and another person in civilian clothes) to allow the Saleswoman leave with her material, and highlights that she is crying.

Newman says one of the agents made fun of the saleswoman when she tried to speak in Spanish with the police. "No matter what the law says, there is no reason why so many agents have to surround, denigrate and control the poverty of that woman of color," says Newman, "it is an abuse of power, and another example of how spoiled is our system. "

The incident took place Friday night at the Broadway Junction station. The seller has not been identified; According to Newman, he was released on Saturday, and is now trying to get his property back.

The New York Police Department said in a statement Friday that it acted in response to "numerous complaints" about unlicensed vendors at that Brooklyn neighborhood station for public health reasons. According to the statement collected by NBC, the seller in question received a dozen requirements against it in the last five months for sale without a license.

According to the police, she was warned in Spanish and English, and her food cart was requisitioned as evidence. "He refused to cooperate and was handcuffed briefly," the statement added, "and was released in a few minutes."

The city's municipal controller, Scott Stringer, broadcast the recording and said the incident raises "serious doubts" about the growing police presence in the subway: "This type of surveillance does not make anyone safer."

On November 1 there was a demonstration of hundreds of people in Brooklyn to protest against police action in the subway, after a 19-year-old was arrested by heavily armed agents after sneaking without paying.

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