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Home Business This mansion in the Marais will be sold as an industrial loft

This mansion in the Marais will be sold as an industrial loft

IN IMAGES – Currently under renovation, the hotel Nicolai will be divided into 12 housing units, sold gross to be converted for 17,000 to 20,000 euros per square meter.

The charm of a mansion in the Marais and a method of marketing that is reminiscent of industrial lofts sold raw concrete … With the Hotel Nicolai, real estate network Athena Advisers with the developer UPI embark on an original project. On the banks of the Seine, this 17th century mansion is a building typical of bourgeois architecture of that time with its porch, paved courtyard and incredible heights under ceiling (more than 4.2 meters on the 1st floor). Installed quai des Célestins, in the 4th arrondissement of Paris, the place already housed housing and offices before being completely renovated and redesigned for two years.

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The project, scheduled for completion in April, divides the site into 12 housing units, offering living space of 50 to 280 m². The rare opportunity to have historic premises in a very sought after area with for the most expensive apartments terraces and gardens. A rarity that pays the price: to 17,000 to 20,000 euros per square meter, knowing that at this rate the apartments are delivered without development. It will therefore add a minimum of 1,500 euros per square meter to dress the premises. The price of freedom to afford rare privilege to adapt to his wishes a home of character.

Commercial space for rent Airbnb

Rates ranging from 800,000 euros for the program's only studio (48 m²) to 6 million for the T4 / T5 duplex of 279 m² with 85 m² of terrace and garden and do not seem to discourage the French and foreign customers. For the moment, three lots have already been sold, two from Americans and one from a French buyer. The American clientele is obviously back in force in this market. Friars of goods that can be put in tourist hiring, these purchasers are sorry for the rise of anti-airbnb legislation. But this mansion has a secret weapon: one of its duplexes includes a reference ground floor in commercial area and a first floor in housing. Then simply partition the two parts of the house to legally rent the ground floor to the year.


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