This mini-camper from Hyundai costs like a car, and changes your life forever

The campers, wanting to summarize, can be of two types: standard size and then mini-campers. The second category, especially among young people, goes a long way in the last period. The main reason is that they cost less, are smaller and easier to drive, allow you to be parked just about anywhere and, of course, consume less.

There are many models of mini campers that start from the most common minivans, especially Ford, Citroen and Renault. But also on Fiat cars, such as the Doblò.

Today, the Asian car manufacturer Hyundai joins this long list of small but functional and economical motorhomes. His “Staria” has just been released and is, according to those in the know, a great deal.


The Staria is a “mini” camper, but which despite its size has a fridge, a very comfortable French size bed, several wall units and spacious compartments, an outdoor awning to create a shaded space and a table where you can eat. comfortably wherever you want.

The images show how all these comforts essentially come from the excellent organization of the space inside. The folding seats are designed precisely to be able to create a queen-size bed, and the windows to be darkened, and thus protect the privacy inside.



And the price? Well, it can be said with some certainty that this is precisely the strong point of this new mini-camper model, which aims to conquer both the young and very young market and that of enthusiasts of technological and low-consumption vehicles. The camper model, in fact, costs only 40 thousand dollars, about 30 thousand euros.

For a new car (which is also a camper) 30 thousand euros is quite low. There are motorhomes of the same size, such as some versions of the California made by Volkswagen, which can cost twice as much.

But there is more: because if the Staria really enters the market in these weeks, within a year it is expected that the second-hand models could cost only 20/25 thousand euros. At that point it would be one of the most attractive and affordable mini-campers on the market.

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