This mobile wallpaper is irresistible for any Naruto follower

Among the anime and manga sagas that have marked a before and after in Japanese culture in recent years we find several names among which is Naruto, a series that, despite having ended years ago, continues to talk regardless of its sequel, which stars his son Boruto.

Be that as it may, that the anime had more than 700 chapters among all its sagas together with its worldwide expansion has caused there are millions of fans of the orange ninja all over the world, which has caused the essence of the character to be recreated through various means.

Without going any further, we have recently seen a spectacular tattoo based on the Naruto anime that has given much to talk about on Reddit. And it is precisely this social network that is on the cover again, since in the same more Naruto content has been released.

A wallpaper that brings together all incarnations of Naruto in a single image

As you can see under these lines, there are many artists who they make real works of art with some sagas, which includes Naruto, and this time this Reddit user, who goes by the name of u / ImpelDownArcm, wanted to celebrate Naruto’s birthday by recreating all his incarnations seen in the anime and manga, although giving him more weight to the first.

Naturally, this image, which is adapted to be used in mobile format as wallpaper, brings together 4 versions of Naruto marking its growth throughout the franchise in its chronology, being so has caused a sensation among Reddit users. Without further ado, you can see it below:

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For the rest, it must be said that we are far from seeing this type of works and tributes of Naruto, since, despite the fact that his story ended a long time ago, we continue to see more and more products related to his characters, as is the case recent version of a more realistic version of Pain. We will have to see how they continue to surprise us in the future.