This morning Holly and Phil are forced to reveal a secret secret as people walk past the studio during the lockdown

It’s a fun time, don’t you agree?

But keeping things normal is the trusted favorite on TV this morning, and the current UK crisis hasn’t stopped people from getting involved in the show.

After the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday that Britain should go into the block to stop the spread of the corona virus, viewers wondered why it still seemed normal outside the ITV studio.

Then the hosts, Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, had to explain everything about the “window” they have in front of them every day.

To take it back one day after Tuesday’s show, fans of the day’s program went to Twitter to express their criticism of those who are still out and about despite the latest guidance.

One said, “Please open your window and tell all the people running around outside to go home !!”

“Now watch #This morning If you talk about how far apart you are and the operator shows us the window outside, you can see people running and running in groups and they don’t care, “added another.

A third also commented: “#ThisMorning It’s unreal to sit on the show and run out of the crowd of people running in groups. ”

Holly and Phil had this to say on Wednesday morning’s This Morning.

“People say: ‘We are all isolated, we all take care of ourselves and there is so much traffic along the South Bank and people are still walking,'” Schofe started.

Holly added, “And the boats!”

Phil then went on to say, “We should say that when we were on the south bank, that was our view. Now we are in the TV center, it is not. It was recorded two years ago.

“And it’s on a very, very long loop.”

“I mean we can make it snow in no time,” Holly joked.

“We could do all sorts of cool things, but we can’t do it today.”

And it was a surprise for some with a tweet: “#Thismorning lieddddddddd! It’s a loop! I thought it was a window, I feel cheated! This is the worst day! @Schofe Shocked and stunned! ”

But not to others who added: “I will only say this again. Please stop commenting on the window, I am tired of seeing it. It is not a real window!” #thismorning “and” The window scene is wrong. FAKE! #This morning.”

At least the puzzle is solved.



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