This motorist should return to the driving school to relearn how to use a roundabout

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Everything happens at the bottom right of the video. We can see a silver gray 4×4 inserting itself on the roundabout. From then on, his conduct becomes hesitant. Is he disoriented or has he forgotten the rules of the Highway Code in such a situation? Good question.

Anyway, after a few seconds of hesitation in the middle of the roundabout, he finally made a decision. He takes the first exit. But he does not intend to stop there.

No, once the exit is taken, he turns around (taking his time) and sets out again in the roundabout. Here’s a great idea …

But why make it simple and logical when you can be stupid and dangerous?

Bingo! You have probably felt it coming, the driver is leaving in the opposite direction of the traffic. His exit is on the other side and he doesn’t plan to go around the roundabout like a normal person, and then what?

No accident, normal we are in Norway

Where this motorist is lucky is that he is driving in Norway. There, the traffic is much less dense than with us. He can therefore afford this kind of stupidity without risking an accident. But that doesn’t forgive his irresponsible behavior.

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