This Nintendo patent could well reveal a new function of the Switch


Although they are still published with several months of lag, Nintendo patents are still very informative. The Japanese do a lot, some are completely crazy and others are extremely credible. Witness the last harvest of Digital Trends on the USPTO website ( United States Patent and Trademark Office ).

USPTO / Nintendo

It is a series of diagrams, detailing a multiplayer system based on the affixing or bringing together of several touch screens, without any connection cable being necessary.

Like an air of Switch

USPTO / Nintendo
                                                     – Deposited in April 2017, the various technical drawings could refer to the screen of the Switch or to that of a smartphone or tablet. In addition to supporting the display of a single content on multiple screens, we see especially the real-time management of all axes (X, Y and Z), different positions (more or less distant) screens relative to each other or the correct interpretation of the angle of inclination of the devices.

USPTO / Nintendo
                                                     – This would display the image in different ways, without distortion, or change the behavior of an element of the game This is particularly shown in the image below, with the bowling alley.

USPTO / Nintendo

According to the various legends associated with the technical drawings, Nintendo clearly envisages the possibility of associating an unlimited number of screens. Each would then receive specific instructions from the applications so that the hardware part can properly do its work. She would be able to compose with the screen edges. Between data sharing and hosting of instructions by the devices, Nintendo details the entire theoretical process of the implementation of this hypothetical large game board. A priori, communication between all devices could be established via Bluetooth or via a home Wi-Fi network. It remains to be seen whether an accessory would not be required, to ensure that the screens remain interdependent in some cases.

Nintendo Lab: a first step?

As noted on Ars Technica website , a snippet of technology detailed in these patents is already at work within from Nintendo Labo , whose release is scheduled for next week.

In the video above (at 1 min 24) which presents the Toy-Con Garage , two switches and two Joy-Con are located a few centimeters from each other. One hand slides one element from one screen to the other, without worry and it is the Joy-Con that act as transmitting relay to ensure the proper movement of the object. Should we see a mise en bouche of future applications of the Switch imagined by Big N?

Sources: USPTO , Digital Trends, Ars Technica


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