Tuesday, April 23, 2019
Home Business This nude cleaning company is looking for new employees in Leeds and...

This nude cleaning company is looking for new employees in Leeds and Yorkshire

Are you body conscious, a dabbing hand with a feather duster and looking for a new job? You can be lucky.

Speaking to Johnston Press, Laura Smith, the founder of UK Nudist Cleaning Service, showed the growing demand for her organization's services.

"We are very happy how much positive feedback and support we get for what we do."

The cleaning company already has over 400 employees who are happy to discard before scrubbing a stranger's dirty tile.

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Smith announced that the organization was actively seeking employees across the UK, stating, "We are a British organization, hiring our cleaners in all regions, including Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland."

Confident and friendly – and a love for cleaning What exactly are Smith and her team looking for in a naked cleaning lady? "We are looking for body-conscious people who like to be naked and have already gained experience with naturists. It's not just about externals, but the company is also looking for people with a "nice personality and good English skills".

Applicants of both sexes are welcome, but must be at least 25 years old, with experience in the cleaning industry preferable too.

If you're looking for a cleaner to leave your clothes at home, you can hire a hard-working Naturist Cleaning Company employee for £ 45 an hour plus a £ 30 booking fee.

You can also book several cleaning products at the same time. Customers can watch their naked cleaner while working, but no body contact.

The Naturist Cleaning Company indicates in its FAQ section that the staff remains "professional and understanding" but is "too excited customer".

If you are interested in working for Naturist Cleaners, visit: naturistcleaners.co.uk/work-for-us


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