Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin may have gotten married at low lows in September or not, depending on the validity of some TMZ and People that had turned up. Regardless of her wedding status, Justin Bieber's recent Instagram photo with Hailey Baldwin – which he released on Friday, November 9, for the social platform – makes one thing clear: these two are very very in love At least they seem quite proud to share this love with people like the internet. Mushy, loving pet names and all.

"Hunny buns punkin", Bieber wrote and apparently turned to Baldwin (apparently known as his "hunny buns punkin") in the caption of the new IG post. And for those who have already been worried about Bieber's all-sweet nickname for his lady, you might want to hold those inevitable worship cries for another minute. If you believe that the post's headline is worth breaking, just wait until you look at its snapshot. The apparently open – here we hope! – Black and white photo of Bieber and Baldwin kissing while Baldwin's arms are tightly wrapped around her husband's neck.

Everyone is still breathing out there? (Can anyone recognize Bieber's alleged eyebrow tattoo to honor his fiancée, or is it "woman" now?) Since he gave away social media for the first time with the shot of the intimate couple on Friday, Bieber's post on Instagram has over 5, Lost 7 million likes – most of all photos posted on the musician's IG account since his little sister was born in mid-August. This is no coincidence, especially since Bieber's last IG photo with Baldwin (before this last smooching picture of course) was released 24 hours earlier, on 15 August, for the platform.

Interestingly enough, the Friday night photo actually meant the couple's eagerly awaited return to Instagram (as Pairafter a largely unexplained, several-month break. In stark contrast to Balduin's and Bieber's lifelong love summer, recorded by both halves of the couple through social media after their engagement in July, far fewer Baldwin Bieber PDAs have been wandering around the social platform over the last two months.

However, it does not seem that the couple's decision to keep their relationship with IG low is a sign of the stability or strength of Baldwin's and Bieber's relationship. Judging by the couple's new smooching photo (not to mention that ridiculously sweet caption, come on), it seems pretty obvious that their whirlwind romance is still strong. This may have something to do with the rumors that made headlines in September. The first, from TMZ, claimed that Baldwin and Bieber had received a marriage license. The second of People, claimed that the couple had secretly married in a courthouse on September 13th.

Neither Baldwin nor Bieber has publicly commented on these rumors, although Baldwin reportedly had been "she has not been married" in response to the September reports before the tweet was later deleted. Although it seems that the jury is still asking a lot about this question, "Justin and Hailey getting married," fans have at least one more Bieber-Baldwin image they need to revise in the meantime.


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