This platform to charge your mobile and your Smart Watch at the same time has a DISCOUNT on Black Friday

‘Does anyone have a charger iPhone? ‘ Hard test and First World problem that Apple users face on a daily basis. ‘And does anyone have a charger Apple Watch? ‘ This question is for note and much more complicated to find an affirmative answer so those who have this device find themselves many times No battery No possibility of replacing it until they get home or, one more test, until they find two plugs to recharge. But, diving between the offers of Black Friday from Amazon, we have found this platform that we instantly add to our wish list because it satisfies them all: it is a charging base, of Belkin, for charge AT ONE TIME both devices without wasting a minute. Live!

This dock allows you to load 2 Apple devices at the same time, either the iPhone and the Apple Watch or the iPad and AirPods, and it can be placed on the bedside table or on your desk, as if it were a watch, taking up very little space and a single plug. It is compatible with the new iPhone models but also with those with a Lightning charger.

It’s white, it’s compact, it’s discreet, and it looks good in your home or office.


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