This player has to go before Zidane joins PSG – Football

It’s seething in Paris. Coach Christophe Galtier is more than just counted, Zinedine Zidane is traded as a logical successor and sets conditions.

The Champions League exit in the round of 16 against Bayern Munich, plus two defeats in the last two Ligue 1 games – Paris coach Galtier’s chair is shaking a lot. It is only logical that various media are already speculating about his successor. A prominent ex-kicker should be in pole position: Zinedine Zidane.

The 50-year-old has been out of contract since the end of his second spell at Real Madrid in June 2021. Now there could be a comeback on the coaching bench, with the former star kicker taking over at the start of next season. But the Vice World Champion from 2006 makes demands.

Zidane makes demands

Especially when it comes to putting together a squad. According to a report by “Mundo Deportivo”, Zidane is said to be a big fan of Kylian Mbappe. That’s why coaching in the French capital is particularly attractive for the ex-kicker. Neymar should behave very differently. Because the French coach should demand the Brazilian’s farewell before his Paris signature.

Zidane, who recently flirted with the post of French team boss, sees himself in a strong negotiating position. After Galtier’s transfer is almost fixed by the summer at the latest, Paris needs a coach. However, the Frenchman is also repeatedly associated with a renewed return to Real Madrid. Because Carlo Ancelotti, successful coach of the “Royal”, could take over the Brazilian national team. A Neymar exit is therefore not the only demand Zidane should make of Paris…

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