This rich woman looks for a husband and promises to give her a car, but no one dares to apply because of this – This rich woman would give an expensive Bentley to anyone who wanted to marry her.

But seeing her appearance, no one dared to propose to her.

In 2019, a wealthy woman living in China’s Zhejiang Province openly recruited men to become husbands.

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The old woman said she would give an expensive Bentley as a gift to any man who agreed to marry her.

Soon after, this information caused a stir on social media.

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The story of this rich woman also attracted the attention of many people.

Back then, people thought that this woman’s story was a lie.

Many doubt whether the rich woman in Zhejiang is real or fake.

Many netizens started searching for the identity of this rich woman and found out her name was Feng Ping.

This woman loves to flaunt her wealth on her personal page.

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