This Scientist Reveals The Secrets Of The Well Of Zamzam Never Drying

KAIRO – Well Zamzam In Makkah it is known that it is 4,000 years old and during that time the water has been taken by millions of Hajj and Umrah pilgrims but why is it never dry?

Abbas Sharaqi, professor of geology and water resources at the African Research Institute, said the Zamzam well in Makkah has never dried up because it is connected to renewable groundwater. Therefore, this Zamzam water is considered a blessing for Muslims.

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As is known, the Zamzam Well dates back to the time of Ismail Ibn Ibrahim and is located to the east of the Holy Kaaba, near the courtyard of the Holy Mosque.

Historical documents show that the arrival of Ismail to Makkah in the year of his birth, around 1910 BC was the year of his appearance Zamzam .

Between today and the first time Zamzam water appeared approximately 4,000 years according to the Hijri calendar. This immediately raises the question of how Zamzam water has never run out for thousands of years?

As scientific explanation from Professor Sharaqi, the absence of depletion in geology means that water can be renewed naturally. “Groundwater can be renewed, such as in the Zamzam well,” he was quoted as saying Egypttoday.

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He added that Egypt has the Western Desert, a reservoir of Nubian Sandstone located in an oasis. However, it cannot be updated.

“Air Zamzam is renewable water. The source of the water comes from the rain. Makkah is a mountainous area and one of the valleys holds the Zamzam well in the lowlands, ”said Sharaqi.

The professor explained, there are 14 meters of river sediment caused by rainwater in the mountains that falls to the lowlands and turns into sediment. This process took millions of years to make a 14 -meter -long Zamzam well.

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At the very bottom there are rocks that gather causing the well to have a total depth of 35 meters, 14 meters of sediment, and 21 meters of deep rock.

With the process of precipitation and storage, water is renewed. “Water in the well Zamzam it is used as drinking water for the congregation and drinking water, ”said the professor.

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The geology professor revealed that Egypt has wells similar to Zamzam that can store and retrieve water, making it renewable.

“Well Zamzam been used for 4,000 years, this makes us think that if there won’t be rain in Saudi Arabia, the water will run out. However, given the stable and unchanging climatic conditions, the wells will still not dry out, “he said.