This shirtless photo of Jared Leto sows doubt on Instagram

On Instagram, the actor posted a snapshot where, shirtless, he reveals his toned figure. It was enough to revive the debate on his age in the comments.

The legend that Jared Leto doesn’t age lives on. The actor, who has just launched his own brand of cosmetics, would have found an elixir to obtain eternal youth. In any case, this is what some of his subscribers on Instagram assume, in the comments under a photo posted by the 50-year-old himself this Thursday, November 24.

The Gucci muse appears shirtless, showing off her toned figure, abs and well-defined pecs. With her long brown hair swept by the wind, her face devoid of wrinkles which displays a mischievous grimace and her casual white tracksuit bottoms, the Gucci muse indeed looks like a young ephebe. Something to perpetuate the myth. “What type of blood does he drink to be 25 forever?”, “Does anyone believe he’s 50?” Ask amazed internet users. Others ask him: “How can you be 50?”, or, “How can you be so beautiful at 50?”.

However, the snapshot would not have been taken recently. Some fans estimate that the photo dates from last year, around December 2021 or January 2022, since obviously, the actor of Morbius did not yet sport his current tattoos.

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Eternal youth

It would seem that the main interested party is having fun with the reputation of “Benjamin Button” which sticks to his skin. Earlier in August, the singer of the group 30 seconds to Mars got caught up in the game by testing a face filter on Instagram that very roughly analyzes facial features and assigns an age to the person. His was thus halved. “25 years ? I take!”, he launched to the camera with humor.

Asked in March 2022 about his secret to “rejuvenate”, Jared Leto had cast doubt. “People started talking about my age and stuff like that ten years ago… I have a good answer to that, but I probably won’t tell you. Just to keep everyone guessing. Really, honestly, in the end, it doesn’t really matter,” he said in this interview with the American magazine. Men’s Health .