This start-up sells plants that need neither water nor soil nor maintenance


A start-up in Limoges (Haute-Vienne) named In Planta has just launched the marketing of new-style plants requiring no maintenance. It is based on existing technology used in research laboratories that it makes available to individuals. These achievements combining plant biotechnology and design, "grown in a warehouse in an autonomous environment need neither land nor water and have a lifespan of several months," announces the president of In Planta founder, David Marionnet.

He then turns to another achievement, meticulously placed in a test tube. "This one can be replanted and can reach 40 m high! He enthuses. "We were seduced by this idea of ​​disproportionality on the scale. This plant is fascinating because of its small size, although it is actually a giant sequoia.

The containers, in the form of test tubes or glass flasks, are closed by a cork letting through gas exchange. The plant is placed on what looks like a hair gel. "This nutritious gel composed of minerals, vitamins and sugar allows the plant to develop," says Idelette Plazanet, PhD in plant biology.

Presented on chestnut stands from Limousin or porcelain, the creations are on sale in around 100 shops in France, within the Monceau Fleurs and Botanic networks for prices ranging from 10 to 70 euros. You can decorate your apartment with carnivorous plants and succulents without having a green thumb.


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