Thousands of inhabitants, both from the municipality and from other cities, will attend this festival to venerate the crucified Christ.

Photo, Angelica Ayala.

Jorge Manzo / The Voice of Michoacan

Quiroga, Michoacan. On the first Sunday of July, the municipality celebrates one of the most significant festivities: the Precious Blood, where thousands of inhabitants come and many more who live in other cities return. The festival is to venerate the crucified Christ who has accompanied this tradition for many years.

The municipal president Arturo Estrada Barriga offered all the support so that the festivity is carried out without setbacks and stressed that his government will support the traditions to consolidate Quiroga as a family destination “that welcomes our people who visit us in these dates”.

Photo: Courtesy.

Accompanied by the mayor, Eréndira Pedraza Fuentes, gave support for the organization of this celebration and stressed the importance for the municipal government of being allies of these activities that, in addition to promoting the reunion of the inhabitants of Quiroga, is an opportunity to show the Michoacán roots.

According to the festivities, the contingents enter from any of the accesses to the municipality, depending on where they come from, accompanied by music bands and when they reach the place where the roads intersect, there are hugs and tears. Representatives of the Catholic Church lead the welcome to the pilgrims. The musical groups play the same melody just at that moment.

This is the celebration, which continues with a procession with a heavy image. A tradition is that every year without exception it rains during the tour. This year’s celebration will be this Sunday, July 3.