Donald Trump was reportedly trying to banish Braille from Trump Tower's elevator buttons, even after they had warned that this would violate the law.

Barbara Res, a former longtime leader of the Trump Organization, said Wednesday in a commentary by the New York Daily News that Trump had commissioned an architect to "get rid of Braille" while the Manhattan tower was being built in the early 1980s ,

"No blind people will live in the Trump Tower, just do it," Trump told the unknown man, who showed him "what the interior of the elevators would look like."

Res, the organization's vice president in charge of construction, said Trump probably knew that the architect would never remove the braille.

But his instruction to "do something subordinate" was a win-win situation for him, Res said. He could beat his workers for not obeying orders, and later blame them if something went wrong.

Res admitted in the play to occasionally lie on Trump's side. But she also claimed to have risen against him.

"Trump is not that different now, but the stakes are higher, and there are not many objectors," she wrote before criticizing an anonymous senior White House official who wrote a comment in the New York Times last week, in which Trump was described as amoral and petty.

"They're just doing it." And they're not aimed at carpenters or painters or fan magazines, it's all about alienating allies, befriending dictators, and using dangerous nonsensical business tactics, "Res wrote High-spirited Anonymous wants the world to know that adults are in the room. "Yes, really?" What the hell are they doing? "

Read the full New York Daily News article here.

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