This War of Mine with 7 million copies sold

Final Cut is the most polished incarnation This War of Mineas it appeared on consoles. It is the sum of numerous fixes and improvements – in the game balance, AI, control schemes and stability – that have been implemented since the game’s premiere on consoles of the previous generation. This complete edition including all additional content, delivered with two major updates: Anniversary Edition – with three new locations, new NPCs, a new scenario, a new playable character and new achievements – and Final Cut – with 4K visuals, additional UI changes and remastered locations, both from the base game and from the DLC, with fresh quests and events waiting for you.

Moreover This War of Mine: All Expansions Pack is a set containing The Little Ones DLC that adds children’s characters to the game, and three narrative stories that are available for the first time on Microsoft and Sony consoles. Father’s Promise, The Last Broadcast and Fading Embers introduce new mechanics to the game, but most of all they focus on the story, which touches upon the next moral and cultural aspects of survival and war dilemmas. The author of The Last Broadcast script is known from the game 80 Days Meg Jayanth.

The title is also available as This War of Mine: Complete Edition containing the base game along with four DLCs.

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