this was the collapse in corraleja that caused tragedy in El Espinal, Tolima

While hundreds of attendees at the Gilberto Charry bullring, in El Espinal, Tolima, they encouraged others to fight an animal in the arena of the complex, part of the structure collapsed.

The cheers, amid the festivities of Saint John and Saint Peter, They went from revelry to astonishment, when one side of the square collapsed. There were eight boxes, made of wood and cane, which ended up on the ground in a matter of seconds.

Like a domino, full of people on board, the structure fell. Those who were in the arena did not come out unscathed: they ended up under the wood and zinc that made up the four-level plaza’s component elements.

In the amateur videos, the fear and desperation of those who were close to the emergency can be seen. Those who could ran. The tragedy was not only witnessed inside the complex, but all the assistants and merchants who were outside.

What came, after the emergency, was the preliminary report: four dead and at least a hundred injured are the figures that public opinion has known so far.

The base materials of the building, mostly wood and, apparently, insufficient to support the number of people who gathered there, are already beginning to be questioned through social networks.

President Iván Duque lamented the emergency and requested an investigation to establish the circumstances that caused the tragedy.

“We feel the terrible tragedy recorded in El Espinal, Tolima, during the San Pedro and San Juan festivities, due to the collapse of boxes in a corraleja. We will ask for an investigation of the facts; prompt recovery to the injured and solidarity with the families of the victims”, the president wrote on his Twitter account.

Even the elected president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, spoke about what happened in El Espinal. “I hope that all the people affected by the collapse of the Plaza de El Espinal can come out of their wounds unscathed.”

And he added: “This had already happened before in Sincelejo. I ask the mayors not to authorize more shows with the death of people or animals.