This was the daring comparison of Hugo Sánchez with Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid and Karim Benzema is uncomfortable

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The “Pentapichichi” revealed in an interview with Karim Benzema that he did the same as the Portuguese, while Emilio Butragueño took the place of the Frenchman.

Hugo reveals that he did the same as CR7
© Getty ImagesHugo reveals that he did the same as CR7

If there is a more than controversial character in international soccer, it is undoubtedly the Mexican Hugo Sánchez, who every time he decides to speak puts his scandalous statements under the spotlight and this time was no exception. In his new stage as an interviewer, “Hugol”, as some affectionately call the former Real Madrid soccer player, He made no bones about it and took advantage of an interview with Karim Benzema to make an unexpected comparison.

The former scorer of the merengue team had at the premiere of his new talk show for Star+ nothing more and nothing less than Karim Benzema, current scorer for the white team, and in this episode of “Hugo Sánchez Presents”, the Pentapichichi recalled the time he was with the galácticos Cristiano Ronaldo, and made an unpleasant simile for the Frenchbecause he assured that he was doing what the Portuguese did, while Emilio Butragueño acted as the Gaul.

Even Sánchez pointed out that Butragueño was a much more astute assistant than Benzema: “Look, they made me remember my time at Real Madrid, Butragueño played the role that you did at that time and I played the role of Cristiano Ronaldo scoring goals, I was the scorer and Emilio the talented, the assistant “pointed out the UNAM Pumas youth squad, who did not expect the Frenchman’s response.

According to what was revealed by the controversial Karim, he stressed that he also scored goals, but having among his ranks a footballer like Cristiano Ronaldo, Champion of the European Championship, it is very easy for him to monopolize the rest of the spotlighta situation that became a bit pressing for the rest of the group because instead of trying to stand out more, he confessed that it is complicated and therefore it is best to adapt to the situation.

It’s that I had the goal, I arrived at the same time as Cristiano and when you have a boy who scores twice or three times as many goals as you, you have to adapt, what has changed is that I have more goals, but my way of playing has always it was the same”, This was pointed out in an annoyed tone by Benzema, who, it should be remembered, is experiencing his second wind with Real Madrid, after some scandals in which he was involved off the pitch.

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