This was the exclusive restaurant that Harry chose for his first date with Meghan in London

Since the arrival of the docuseries of Harry y Meghan on Netflix, we haven’t stopped thinking about what his relationshipwhat they had to go through to hide it from the press and, finally, everything he has fought for, even against his family, so that they are together and show that they really she is the love of his life. Many were the obstacles that the partner to finally be together, including the distance.

And it is that, nothing has been honey on flakes, since they began their romance they were forced to face the first test, which consisted of overcoming the ocean that separated them, since they lived on different continents. In addition to this, we cannot ignore the mere fact that it implied go on a date with himbeing one of the members of the royal family and that, hardly, they could have privacy or the permission of a date.