This way Google will help you get rid of the slow Internet

This way Google will help you get rid of the slow Internet


Sunday, April 15,

The US Internet service giant “Google” developed an application aimed at helping Internet users in Africa to overcome the weakness of the Internet speed and high prices. Google Go reduces the amount of data required to display search results on Google’s engine by 40% and allows access to previous search results again without the Internet. Voice search has also been developed on Google’s engine to work better in low-speed Internet access. “More and more Africans are using the Internet every year, using mobile phones as the primary means of connecting to the international network,” said Christina Lynn, vice president of product marketing for sub-Saharan Africa at Google. And sometimes use only dedicated devices to connect to the Internet .. But the weakness of mobile Internet speed and high prices coupled with lack of data storage space often make it difficult for people (in Africa) to make the most of the Internet .. Google Go provides a lighter and faster way to search (online) ). Google Go is Google’s latest effort to expand its presence in sub-Saharan Africa where Facebook already has many initiatives to reduce the cost of Internet connectivity and provide free service in remote areas. The US giant has announced in the past world that it intends to teach 10 million people in Africa Internet skills within five years to facilitate their access to jobs. Google Go works with smartphones running Android 3.5 and the next versions, and will be available in 26 sub-Saharan African countries. It will also be installed in all new Android OS devices that will be launched soon.

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