“This way you can be extremely close to the customer”


05/16/2022 Creating close customer loyalty in order to sharpen your own brand profile – that is one of the most demanding tasks in marketing. In the iBusiness Expert Talk, Katharina Kremming from MessengerPeople explains why WhatsApp can be used particularly well for this purpose.

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WhatsApp is the most popular and most used messaging service in Germany. Almost 80 percent of Germans use the messenger, which has largely replaced SMS from communication. So it’s no wonder that more and more companies are trying to use the channel in customer communication. For good reason: “With WhatsApp you are extremely close to the customer”says Katharina Kremming Look up 'Katharina Kremming' in expert profiles
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. The advantages: low wastage, large reach and the exorbitant opening rates.

But of course, completely different rules apply in messenger communication than in classic social media, e-mail or newsletter marketing. On the one hand, the close proximity to the customer means that the barriers to communication are low, but on the other hand it also harbors the risk of getting too close to the customer and being perceived as intrusive.

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Kremming explains in the iBusiness Expert how to do it right and find the perfect balance, for whom WhatsApp is worthwhile as a marketing channel and what you have to do to optimize your costs at the same time (instead of getting lost in an unwanted flood of inquiries). talc Relation Browser with analyst Dominik Grollmann Look up 'Dominik Grollmann' in expert profiles

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