In the last few hours, social networks have been flooded with images with the possible design of the luxurious NBA champion ring of the Los Angeles Lakers. It is one of the most anticipated awards by basketball players in the most important league in the world.

As tradition indicates, the team that is consecrated in the last regular league of the NBA will receive its champion ring in the first game of the following season. The players who are not, will have it at another time, but all will have theirs.

“The Larry O’Brien trophy stands out in the center, surrounded by diamonds and the name of Lakers, in a design that changes a lot compared to last year won by the Raptors,” said the Spanish newspaper Marca, which announced the Photo.

A very special award for the Los Angeles Lakers because it was the year of Kobe Bryant’s physical disappearance, a trophy that allowed him to match the Boston Celtics as the most winners in NBA history and with figures like LeBron James and Anthony Davis who will remain in the memory forever.

It is worth remembering that the Los Angeles Lakers announced last Monday that the celebration with their fans of the NBA title won against the Heat will have to wait because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Via Twitter, the franchise said it had consulted with Los Angeles city and county officials and “we all agree that a joyous and inclusive public celebration will take place as soon as it is safe to do so.”

Led by LeBron James, the Lakers defeated the Miami Heat on Sunday in the Finals (4-2 aggregate) held at the Disney World sports complex in Orlando, Florida, where the NBA celebrated its season finale behind closed doors. since the end of July.

On the night of the consecration, hundreds of fans took to the streets of downtown Los Angeles to celebrate the title, number 17 in the history of the Lakers, ignoring the recommendations of the authorities to celebrate in their own homes so as not to expose themselves to contagion of covid-19.

Sunday’s celebration ended with some riots in which some 80 people were arrested and eight policemen were injured.


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