This will be the new cancer center inaugurated today by Luis Carlos Sarmiento Angulo

Colombia’s highly complex medical care capacity will receive a boost today when the new Luis Carlos Sarmiento Angulo Cancer Treatment and Research Center (Ctic) opens its doors, thanks to an investment of $1.3 billion. Among other things, it will add more than 176 new rooms, illuminated with natural light.

The first stage of the Ctic Foundation also adds 100,000 square meters of construction for hospital services, with an 11-story hospitalization tower, connected to a five-story facility with outpatient services. In addition, it integrates a research center.

It will put at the service of Colombians nine intelligent operating rooms, with technological integration, including a hybrid one (with an angiograph for high-precision embolization procedures).

There is also a Functional Diagnostic Imaging and Nuclear Medicine Unit with 11 rooms, with magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography services, among others.

According to the organization, it is a “private project of a social nature and with a vocation for service, which starts from a philanthropic vision of Dr. Luis Carlos Sarmiento Angulo and his family, who were the most important promoters.” They explain that, as a legacy, “they wanted to build and operate a hospital with the highest standards of efficiency and that has a positive influence on public policies.”

The Ctic, according to what was reported, is advancing in the execution of agreements with companies that administer benefit plans. Through this channel, patients will be able to access the foundation, regardless of whether they are affiliated with the subsidized, contributory regimen or additional health plans.

As long as it achieves the balance point, it will have the financial support of the founders.

$1.3 billion was invested in the work, not only in the works but also in the provision of medical equipment.

In its construction, which began in September 2017 and ended in December 2021, 89% of national materials were used. 99% of the contractors are companies incorporated in Colombia (1% corresponds to a Spanish company in charge of the facade).

The work generated 1,200 direct monthly jobs. It is located on a 30,000 square meter lot, and was developed with a vision of sustainability. This is how it has energy savings of 20% to 25%, and 33% savings in the use of drinking water compared to other traditional buildings.

It will have, among others, with: 105 single rooms for adults, with seven suites. Seven rooms for pediatric hospitalization; seven rooms for bone marrow transplant; 12 cubicles for partial hospitalization of adults; and four cubicles for pediatric partial hospitalization.

With a special focus on oncology, it will comprise 56 chemotherapy infusion chairs. 36 for adults, nine pediatric, and 11 VIP chairs with natural light.

The Ctic comes to reinforce the installed capacity of UCI in the country, a factor that was key in times of the pandemic. It will enable 28 adult and two pediatric intensive care rooms (with 24-hour accompaniment by family members), seven adult intermediate care rooms, and four pediatric intermediate care rooms.

Another aspect that contemplates is 64 doctor’s offices; 43 for outpatient care, seven procedure rooms, and five multidisciplinary.

Among other services, it will have hospitalization, intensive care, intermediate care, radiotherapy, nuclear medicine, diagnostic images, surgery rooms, offices, infusion cubicles and clinical and pathology laboratories.