This will change from 1 July: benefits rise, small online…

A lot of things will change again on 1 July. An overview.

Small online purchases from outside the EU are becoming more expensive

Purchases from online stores located outside the European Union will become slightly more expensive on 1 July. The VAT exemption expires for online purchases up to 22 euros. Consumers will have to pay attention, because there is a difference between registered and unregistered online stores. With the latter, the VAT will not yet be deducted at the time of purchase. It will be up to the courier to charge the VAT and then transfer it to the tax authorities. The buyer will therefore have to pay extra to the courier, and that service can charge costs for that service.

Benefits go up on July 1

On July 1, a lot of benefits will go up. This is a consequence of recording the welfare envelope. This is the case, for example, for the lowest pensions. They will increase by 2 percent, on top of the 11 percent increase in four steps already decided by the government.

Also for the sick and disabled with family burden who have worked regularly, the minimum wage increases by 2.5 percent. For the other minimums for incapacitated (also for accidents at work and occupational diseases) an increase of 2 percent is foreseen.

The biggest increase is for the unemployed. The minimum benefit for the temporary unemployed increases by 3.5 percent regardless of family status. With regard to benefits for the fully unemployed – including SWT and young people with an integration benefit – the increase depends on the family situation. The minimum benefit for heads of family and privileged cohabitants will increase by 3.5 percent. There is an increase of 2.4 percent among singles. This is 2 percent for ordinary cohabitants.

Inheriting from friends becomes cheaper with “friend inheritance”

From 1 July, Flemish people can leave a certain part of their inheritance to one or more close friends or distant relatives. With the friends legacy it is possible to leave a maximum of 15,000 euros at the most favorable rate of 3 percent.

Practical exam for sailing certificate

Anyone wishing to obtain a sailing license will have to take a practical test from 1 July in addition to a theoretical exam. The sailing test will test both practical skills and skills. Clear objectives, including maneuvers, have been listed for the new practical test. There are different types of tests. For example, a distinction is made between steering license and yachtman, and motor sailing and sailing. Sailing certificates obtained before 1 July remain valid.

Wages for healthcare workers go up

The vast majority of staff in the various healthcare institutions will earn more from 1 July. This wage increase applies both to personnel that fall under the jurisdiction of the federal level, such as hospitals and home nursing, and to personnel that fall under the jurisdiction of Flanders, such as residential care centres. The increase does not necessarily apply to everyone, but only to those who enter the IFIC system.

STIB school subscription costs only 12 euros

On 1 July, the price of a school subscription with the Brussels public transport company STIB will drop from 50 to 12 euros. The rate reduction is a way to encourage schoolchildren and students between the ages of 12 and 24 to use public transport even more often.