This zasca is taken from a restaurant in Barcelona after criticizing this

The fights between dissatisfied customers and hoteliers are the order of the day on the internet. The reason is usually bad reviews, unjustified in the eyes of the employer and totally deserved in the diner’s opinion. And that is what has happened on this occasion, in which a supposed consumer has “cracked” an establishment and ended up taking a zasca. He went for wool and came back shorn, as they say.

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The answer was highlighted on his Twitter profile “I’m a waiter”, an account that is mainly dedicated to highlighting the work of these essential professionals in the hospitality industry. In this case, the client criticized the premises from a professional account, assuring that they had not invited him to the shot they had offered him. The local response was immediate.

Confrontations between hoteliers and dissatisfied customers are the order of the day. Especially through specialized social networks. Many businessmen denounce that some of the criticisms expressed are false. To try to tackle this problem, they urge these websites to establish filters that allow false messages to be discarded. There are those who say that it could be a good method to force people to issue any kind of proof that they have been to the premises in question.