He is the eternal Mister Modern Talking – and rightly so! There is probably no one who does not immediately think of the German cult duo with the name Thomas Anders, to whom he and producer Dieter Bohlen have an unprecedented music career to thank. A portrait on this Saturday evening traces the success story of Thomas Anders, looks especially at the people behind the stage figure and tells lesser-known stories from his life.

Thomas Anders and Dieter Bohlen published, starting with "You're my heart, you're my soul 1985, five consecutive number 1 hits, they have sold more than 125 million records in their time together and appeared in three days on some days TV shows in three different European countries. They were the first Western musicians to play concerts in Russia in 1985, ie during the Cold War, with the permission of Mikhail Gorbachev.

Unforgettable are the long black hair of Thomas Anders, who had to be berated because of his tanning and the softie image of a music magazine as a "sun-tanned Sangesschwuchtel". Both he and Dieter Bohlen, who in the public almost exclusively sponsored tracksuits, have reliably supplied the tabloids with bizarre stories from their private lives. There was known to be Nora, the first wife of Thomas Anders, who literally threw herself at her neck with his oversized gold chain. But after only two years is over, and the successful duo separates. Anders and Bohlen are fundamentally different in character. Too big were the personal differences and insults, with which both have dealt properly against each other.

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After a reunion in the 90s, which was even more successful than the joint career in the 80s, the duo separates after five years a second time – and certainly forever. It became quieter around Thomas Anders, whose real name is Bernd Weidung and already had his first recording contract at the age of fifteen. After leaving Modern Talking, Anders first went to the US, but could not build on his previous hits with his music. Only his decision to sing in German and to switch to the genre of the hit brings him back to old successes. The show, which will be broadcasting at the MDR today at 10.50 pm, is not only the personal portrait of a great singer and the legendary cult band Modern Talking, but part of a truly exciting German music history.



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