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Thomas Guénolé violently breaks with insubordinate France: "It's a dictatorship"

It's a violent break. In a long statement sent Thursday morning, April 18, the political scientist Thomas Guénolé, who was a candidate on the list of France insubordinate (LFI) for the European elections, announced he was slamming the door. With a crash. A departure that occurs while Mr. Guénolé faces an internal procedure after "Facts that may be related to sexual harassment" that he formally denies.

"How can they plead tirelessly for a real democracy in France, who organize France insubordinate as a dictatorship? Jean-Luc Mélenchon, he governs France insubordinate autocrat, among other things, he was the co-head of the unassuming French training school. Distant from the field militants, the central apparatus works like a spider's web: increasingly narrow circles, up to "JLM" in the center which, in the end, decides all that matters in symbiosis with Sophia Chikirou . Manuel Bompard is their straw man and their lightning rod. " For Mr. Guénolé, Mr. Mélenchon is "Choleric" and should not be a presidential candidate of 2022.

The leader of the insubordinate France reacted, in the morning, to the criticisms of Mr. Guénolé. "I discover the press release of Thomas Guenolé. I do not know anything about this affair. I have not been informed about the existence of a procedure or its evolutions ", defends Jean-Luc Mélenchon. Before adding:

"The bodies of the movement worked, they had neither to inform me nor to seize me. I have never had any personal or political disputes with Thomas Guénolé. He never expressed any reservations about the life of the movement. He has told me of his friendship and support on many occasions very recently. I am amazed that he is challenging me this way. Definitely, nothing will be spared me. "

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A "sham" of internal democracy

The text of Mr. Guénolé resonates with the reasons given for recent departures of LFI, namely a glaring lack of internal democracy, a movement where there is almost no collective structure of debate and decision. In January, an internal letter already described this harmful operation. A structure "Carbonated"according to the words of Mr. Mélenchon, which, in fact, maintains an organizational vagueness. "The internal democracy in insubordinate France is a sham"continues Mr. Guénolé, who aspired to be a candidate in Montreuil (Seine-Saint-Denis) for the municipal elections of 2020.

Alexis Corbière, who has always had good relations with the Breton, is stunned. "I did not know, I do not know what he's talking about, he swears to World. The violence of this release is incredible … These are methods that are not acceptable. I do not know what's going on. I am stunned and I disapprove. I have never heard him express these grievances. Yesterday we were discussing local initiatives and there was no problem. We must stop these psychodrames, there is a desire to explode a collective from an individual case. "

According to Guénolé, his critics have made him a target internally. He explains the report for harassment that a young woman made to the electoral committee of La France unsubdued. "Strongly" opportunely ", the leaders of the insubordinate France begin to use against me Stalinist methods: to accuse me of things on the basis of rumors, but refuse to communicate to me any document incriminating me precisely; pressuring me to "spontaneously" withdraw my LFI candidacy for the European election, advance Mr. Guénolé. That is why I entrusted my lawyer with taking all the necessary legal measures against the central apparatus of the movement. "

An argument that does not convince Clementine Autain in the least: "Thomas Guenolé evokes rumors to say nothing of the sexual harassment in question. The important issue of democratic dysfunction is transformed into simple counter fires. This attitude, one month European, only destroys. " She adds : "On the other hand, I think the virilist model of political organizations really needs to be challenged. "

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Facts "similar to sexual harassment"

In a statement, the management of the insubordinate France responded to the words of Mr. Guénolé: "We received a report from a young woman denouncing facts that could be likened to sexual harassment by Thomas Guénolé. We seized the cell of watch and vigilance of La France unchallenged. The file was in progress. We discover with amazement the release of Thomas Guénolé who instrumentalizes political pretexts for his defense. We reaffirm France's uncompromising commitment to violence against women, both in the organization and in society as a whole. "

Later in the day, the populist leftist movement reacted once again in a statement detailing the internal proceedings against Mr Guénolé.

"The pole of vigilance and listening of France insubordinate against the sexual violence and sexual made to the women was seized on March 3 by a woman of a report against Thomas Guénolé of acts that could be likened to sexual harassment. (…) The Pole auditioned the person in question on March 14, 2019. Following this meeting, he reported to the Electoral Committee on March 15, while respecting the confidentialitycan we read in this text signed by Bastien Lachaud, director of the European campaign and Danielle Simonnet, the pole of vigilance and listening. A delegation of the electoral committee met Thomas Guénolé. It was not possible to have other exchanges, Thomas Guénolé having chosen to judicialize the procedure and to seize his lawyer. The election committee procedure was still ongoing and no decision had yet been taken. "

At the heart of the criticism of Mr. Guénolé is the communicant Sophia Chikirou, who plays an important role in the European campaign, including the fundraising with the popular loan, which she had the idea, according to several leaders. "Sophia Chikirou, because of her proximity to Jean-Luc Mélenchon at the same time as she is a provider of past and current electoral campaigns of France insubordinated via [son entreprise] Mediascop, objectively risk a judicial conviction [pour les frais de la campagne présidentielle de 2017]. To maintain it as a provider of insubordinate France's electoral campaigns is therefore to place the movement at an extremely serious judicial risk. "

For the "rebellious" leaders, these attacks are also due to the fact that the wife of Mr. Guénolé – Katerina Ryzhakova – works in the Media, the webtélé left, launched in September 2017 by Mme Chikirou. The latter had left the presidency in July 2018, after several weeks of internal crisis. She had been replaced by the journalist Aude Lancelin, until the latter announces his departure, there are ten days, denouncing a "Putsch" against him, evoking an alliance between "One or two employees left in bad terms, political activists, and former associates of Sophia Chikirou, who had already conspired at the outset of the latter". It is the investigative journalist Denis Robert who should take the lead of the pure player.

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