Thomas Guntermann has a new role as company chaplain

Thomas Guntermann is now company chaplain
Help at work for people in need

As a pastor in the working world, Thomas Guntermann takes care of people in precarious situations in Krefeld.

Community officer Thomas Guntermann says: “We’re fine. We have never seen a civil war. Nobody has ever shot at us. Our children don’t starve to death. ”The 58-year-old worked as a refugee chaplain in Krefeld for almost seven years. There is some suffering that haunts him in his dreams. Now he has a new job. He acts as a pastor for men and women without work or for those whose work is not recognized. As a person who “is there”, he is needed everywhere.

“If you will, my new job as a pastor in the world of work is a continuation of my previous job, because now, too, it’s about accompanying and supporting people in need,” explains Guntermann. “The diocese has developed a new concept for refugee pastoral care. The parishes are still in demand in this work. “

It’s about people with and without work, for whom he is the contact person as a company chaplain. “Many are in precarious situations. Often they are badly paid, do not get contracts or contracts that are limited in time. They are at the mercy of employers or are supposed to do work that makes them sick. ”

Guntermann would like to encourage people to get help. “I want to give people the hope that something will change, that they are valuable and have the same right to live well as everyone else.”

His current job is to network. He has his office in the parish Herz Jesu in Bockum, so he is close to the blackboard. The pastor belongs to the community of the parishes of St. Christopherus. “I am approachable for all people. That can also happen in Café K., for which I was one of the initiators. “


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