Thomas Müller: this strong gesture towards spectators seduces Internet users (Video)

The passion of Football is experienced differently depending on the country or continent. In Germany, perhaps more than elsewhere, the culture of football is anchored. And respect for the values ​​within the various Bundesliga clubs is essential for the proper functioning of the latter. There, FC Bayern München stands out from the others. Club apart, in view of its record and its thirst for victory, Bayern is neither more nor less, the greatest German club in history.

But this time, it is through the fabulous idea of ​​one of its players, that the club has been talked about again. On April 23, Bayern Munich won their 10th consecutive title of German champion. A new record in the five major championships. The previous record so far belonged to Juventus, which between 2012 and 2020 won 9 rank titles before seeing Inter stop their series. Although the title has been acquired since the end of April, the festivities for this 32nd title for the Bavarians took place on May 10 after the match counting for the 33rd day of the Bundesliga against Stuttgart (2-2).

Thomas Müller once again proved his attachment to the club by scoring his 8th goal of the season in the league during the match, but above all by making a strong gesture after the match. Once the trophy was awarded, Müller had a thought for the audience at the Allianz Arena. In order to fully share this success with the supporters, Thomas Müller then climbed a grandstand in the stadium and offered the trophy to a fan so that he too could touch his finger and lift the championship trophy.

Thus, the trophy was able to pass from hand to hand in the gallery, a rare image that deserves to be viewed and appreciated at its fair value. Observing Bayern players taking the time to celebrate the 32nd title in their history, the 10th in a row, and sharing it with the public by including it in the festivities, gives serious food for thought on the attitude of the Parisians during the validation of the Paris Saint-Germain’s Ligue 1 title a few weeks ago.

In view of his performances, his longevity at the highest level, his 11 German championship titles (historic record), and this gesture for the fans; Thomas Müller can sit at the table of the greatest legends of the club.