Those deputies who want the skin of the real estate wealth tax


A bill tabled by 29 deputies The Republicans aims to eliminate the property tax estate (IFI). A device deemed “indefensible” by these elected officials.

© DR – 29 deputies co-signed a proposal for a law to abolish property wealth tax (IFI).

29 deputies (LR) have deposited a bill to delete real estate wealth tax (IFI) on April 11th. Reason given in the explanatory memorandum: with this tax, ‘ the government risks diverting the French from this investment . Investment in stone is a safe investment for the French. ”
Otherwise, ” rental investment can now be taxed up to 70% since the IFI will be added to property taxes as well as 45% income tax and 17% social levies applicable to rental income, “they calculate.

“Lack of logic”

In the explanatory memorandum, MEPs also question the key argument that has led to the transformation of wealth tax (ISF) into IFI. During the parliamentary debates, the members of the government repeated to envy that this development aimed at giving priority to productive investment, at the expense of real estate, considered unproductive.
“A person who invests all his wealth in government-guaranteed bonds has lower pay than real estate, but he takes no risk,” they denounce. Yet, he will be exempt from IFI, while the one who invests his fortune in housing construction and who, in doing so, provides a service to the community , will continue to pay it. Where is the logic of such a reform? ”

Finance Committee

Another example is that “whoever invests in commercial real estate – supermarkets, for example – takes more risks than the one who invests in housing real estate, whose profitability, moreover, will be lower. However, the first will be exempt from the IFI while the second will continue to be submitted. And to decide: ” the IFI is an indefensible tax “.
The text is sent to the Finance Committee, chaired by Eric Woerth, MP (LR) of the Oise.


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