Those who drove the state to a 6.4% deficit and new debt to gloat?

Together with the PP-DB, we can bear the responsibility, but through the management, specified the new head of the parliament

The Speaker of the Parliament, Rosen Zhelyazkov, announced that GERB is ready to govern with the mandate of the PP-DB coalition, if they make a firm commitment to a stable cabinet. But not in the alternative, if they don’t want GERB in power.

To a question related to the points of conflict between PP-DB and GERB and possible mechanisms for removing the chief prosecutor, Zhelyazkov hastened to clarify that the party will support Krum Zarkov’s bill on the judiciary, after which it will go to the Constitutional Court for approval.

“This is not a bone of contention, but for it to happen, this parliament must work,” Zhelyazkov explained.

With regard to the budget, he noted that as soon as the Ministry of Finance forecasts a deficit of 6.4%, this means that the state in the coming months must take out BGN 13 billion in new debt.

This can be done by increasing the tax-insurance burden or through loans.

From Zhelyazkov’s words, it became clear that GERB does not want the shortfall to be compensated with an increase in taxes, so the hypothesis of a new debt is entered.

According to him, it is very important that those who caused this to the state participate in this process – “to finance social expenses with loans”.

“But now they should stand on the sidelines and gloat… – Zhelyazkov is perplexed. – Together we will bear the responsibility, but through the management.”

According to him, if there is a working parliament, there will certainly be changes in the Electoral Code, because with the current one it will be very difficult to hold the local vote.

“With most parties, we have an understanding that the current machines cannot fulfill their purpose – he specified. – It would be better to allocate funds for new machines, once and for all.”

2023-04-22 06:50:00

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