Those who earn the most and those who earn the least

More than 100,000 euros are the ones that distance the salary of the Spanish mayor who earns the most and the one who earns the least. A margin that is the one that separates the 102,009.97 gross annual euros that the mayoress of Madrid receives, Manuela Carmena -of which more than 10,000 are allocated to solidarity donations- and the 6 euros that the first mayor of Matilla de Arzón (Zamora) –although he does not practice exclusively.

This is clear from the Salary Information for Administration Positions (ISPA), provided this Thursday by the Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Functionwhere the perceptions of the elected positions of local corporations (8,124 city councils and 52 councils, councils and island councils) and those of their officials are specified.

Among the ten large cities of spain registered by the Ministry, the second highest earner is the mayor of BilbaoJuan Mari Aburto (PNV), with 91,318.28 gross euros; followed by that of Valencia, Joan Ribó (Commitment), 82,602.94 euros. Behind are the mayors of Vitoria (81,860.70 euros), Getxo (79,151.08), San Cristóbal de la Laguna (79,018.52), Almería (77,677.74), Alcobendas (76,507.50), Las Rozas ( 76,507.50), Pozuelo de Alarcón (76,507.48) and Valladolid (76,500.06).

Mayors for less than 10 euros

At the other extreme of the thousands of municipalities in the country registered with ISPA are the 540 mayors without exclusive dedication to the position who declare earnings of less than 1,000 euros per year. The list is closed by the councilor of Alicún de Ortega (Granada), which received 9.8 euros last year, and that of Matilla de Arzón (Zamora), who entered 6.

This report does not include the salary received by the mayoress of Barcelona, There is Colau, who has not provided his annual remuneration. However, the Transparency portal of the City Council of the Catalan capital details Colau’s annual remuneration: 2,200 euros net per month at a rate of 14 annual payments. With everything, the position of mayoress of Barcelona is the second highest paid in the State with a total amount of 100,000 euros, but the margin between the salary that Colau is assigned and the official salary goes to entities or social projects.

Nor have the councilors of more than two hundred municipalities, including those of Granada, Oviedo, Saint Sebastian, Getafe, Speaks y Mataró, all of them with more than 100,000 inhabitants. The information on these municipalities is in any case public and, for example, in the case of the Catalan municipality, the mayor’s salary stands at 58,000 euros per year.

Provincial councils, councils and councils

As for the presidents of the provincial councils, councils and island councils, the one who earns the most is the president of the Álava Provincial Council (101,964 euros), followed by that of Albacete (100,230), Alicante (82,884.04), Almería ( 80,999.94) and Ávila (80,800.24). The president of the council that earns the least is Zaragoza (56,954.71), followed by Zamora (56,964), Vizcaya (57,125) and Valladolid (59,290.20).

Below this amount are the presidents of the Canary Islands and Balearic Islands councils and councils: the former range from 56,105.98 in Fuerteventura to 12,432.00 in Tenerife and for the latter there is only data for Formentera (11,659) and Menorca ( 8803).

Information is also included on what the deputies and councilors of these institutions earn, and here the entry last year of a deputy from Zamora (names are not listed) who earned 315,530 euros, with a great difference over his colleagues in the deputation (among 2,800 and 43,000, depending on the dedication) and the rest of the councils, councils and councils.

The representatives of Barcelona and the three Basque councils are the ones who earn the most, from 73,000 to 89,000 euros per year; in the rest the salaries fluctuate considerably according to the dedication of each one, always below those salaries indicated as the highest.