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Sairam Bhatt was the beheaded roof of Kasargod ∙ Kilingar village. For a quarter of a century, Sai Ram Bhatt built a house for 265 poor families who did not have a roof to live on in the village. The only basis for this is the income from his own farm and work. He came to this assignment in 1995. He had come to ask Ola and Kamuk in Sairam’s garden to repair the damaged house. Sairam took the money he had set aside to go to Kashi with his wife and built a house for his neighbor Kundyana.

When actor Suresh Gopi came to give saplings to Sairam Gopala Krishnabhatt’s house as part of planting coconut saplings in the district (file photo)

A help he can get. Sairam Bhatt thought so. Later, as an assignment, Sairam continued to build houses for the homeless. In the early days, only three or four houses were built a year. The latter was faster. On an average, at least 10 houses are built in a year. The number of houses increased to 10, 50, 75,100 and 200. At the beginning, the construction cost of a house was Rs 50,000. Later it reached lakhs more. The house was built for those who had at least some land of their own.

Soon, one by one, people from different parts of the world began to seek Sairam’s help. No one was disappointed. He used the income from his own farm for spices, coconuts, cashews, cocoa, pepper and rubber to spend on housework. He is an astrologer and traditional healer. Many people come to Sairam for various ailments and problems. The happy donations of all these will be used to build the Sairam house.

Apart from this, donations were not accepted from anywhere else. Sairam’s activities were not limited to housing. A free medical camp was held at home every Saturday. Many housewives have been provided with sewing machines but the exact number is not known. Tube wells were installed for those without drinking water and water supply schemes were implemented. More than a dozen autorickshaws were bought and given to the youth for their livelihood. Bhatt traveled in the same car, paying rent.

His grandfather Subraya Bhatt and father Krishna Bhatt knew and solved the sufferings of the poor. This inspired Bhatt to give life to many families through community marriage. They were given free thali, dresses and wedding gifts. Sairam Bhatt also built an auditorium for a wedding in a small village called Kilingar which does not even have an auditorium. He also played an important role in promoting cocoa cultivation by assessing the potential of the agricultural sector. He was the one who said that cocoa would be cultivated in Kilingar, where coconut and spices are the main crops and took the initiative to conduct training for this.

‘Those who got a house should not humbly tie their hands’

‘Neither I nor my family will go to the house I built. Because, if we go, they will have to pull out a chair for us. Humble hands should be tied. The responsibility is over with the handing over of the house keys. I’m not even going to give you the keys. ‘ Sairam Bhatt once said. ‘For those who consider the house a dream, the joy of getting the keys to the house they can claim as their own. The only thing that made me want to continue this work was to see that happiness. ‘ Sairam would say.

Bhatt is a Swami to the locals who has studied Tulu Nadan Kalari and Yoga. Has been in college for 25 years. His name is Gopalakrishna Bhatt but he is known as Sairam Bhatt. The children were educated at Sai Baba College. That is how we know about Sai Baba. At that time, Bhatt started a bus service. There were 4 buses. The name was Sairam Motors. Later an auditorium was built in the country. And its name was Sairam. Thus Gopalakrishna Bhatt became Sairam Bhatt to the natives.

Sairam Bhatt had arrived at the hotel in Neerchal on Thursday evening to eat cake. He returned saying that he was not traveling anymore. She stopped breathing at 11.30am yesterday. Dr. Mohanan Koth, who accompanied Bhatt to free service in medical camps, was also present at this time. ⁇


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