Thousands of Banda Aceh PMI Blood Bags Sent Secretly to Tangerang

Banda Aceh

The management of PMI Banda Aceh was surprised to learn that there had been a secret delivery of 2,050 bags of blood to Tangerang. The delivery was discovered after an inspection was carried out to the Blood Donor Unit (UDD).

“This is basically from our suspicions in the management because there are rumors that there was a secret blood shipment to Tangerang, we didn’t know that. We did an inspection at PMI with the administrators, it turned out that it was true that there was a blood shipment to Tangerang,” said PMI Secretary Banda Aceh Syukran Aldiansyah told reporters, Thursday (12/5/2022).

The thousands of blood bags, he said, were allegedly sent in January, February and April. According to him, the management did not know about the delivery because so far they had not been given access to UDD.

“So far, our access to UDD has been closed by the chairman, we don’t know what. The data we got was about 2,050 bags of blood,” he explained.

According to him, the blood delivery should have received approval from the management and a plenary meeting before a decision was made. In addition, sending blood out of the region also has conditions and SOPs that must be met.

“Firstly, the availability of blood stock in Aceh is fulfilled, secondly it must be based on the Pergub and Permenkes with a replacement cost of blood management per bag of Rp 360 thousand,” he explained.

Syukran said that during the inspection it was also known that the replacement cost per bag was only Rp. 300 thousand. The problem is said to have been submitted to the PMI Aceh management.

“We from the management have conveyed this to the provincial PMI to follow up on this,” said Syukran.

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