Thousands of dollars in a landfill in Beirut… What’s the story?

(MENAFN- Al Wakeel News) News agent- The people of Sin El Fil area, Mount Lebanon Governorate, were surprised, on Monday, by the presence of a large amount of the “100 dollars” category in garbage dumps.
The mayor of Sin El Fil, Nabil Kahala, told Sky News Arabia, “What happened is true, but it falls under the category” a childbirth game and not real forged dollars, after it turned out that they are not banknotes, but rather ordinary papers with a picture of a hundred dollar banknote printed on it. It was reproduced thousands of times in tape form.
He added, “It was a strange morning, at half past seven on Monday, I woke up to the phone ringing, and someone told me that the Sin El Fil had been drowning in thousands of dollars. It was a shock that was not without strangeness later, after we realized how serious it was.”

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He continued, “However, we soon discovered that they were ordinary papers on which a picture of the $100 bill was printed, expecting that it would be for one of the institutions that, for example, is concerned with filming a movie or something similar, according to the type of attached papers.”
And he added, “The container was parked in an area devoid of residential buildings and therefore there are no surveillance cameras, and the area is known as Dahr El-Gamal, which is completely parallel to the course of the Beirut River.”
“We soon informed the Internal Security Forces, which in turn raised the issue to the Public Prosecution to follow up the investigation of the event that was buzzing with the media and social networking sites, and based on this matter, the security forces received the file and began their investigations to find out the source of these funds and how they reached the containers,” he said.

Source: Sky News

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