Thousands of inhabitants of Argeş NO longer have drinking water. Network …

According to the deputy director of DSP Argeş, Adrian Stoica, the public water supply network in the Argeş locality of Corbi is infested with E.coli bacteria, declaring that the presence of E.coli bacteria cannot be confirmed with verotoxin, which caused the death of several babies, earlier this year.

Also, the sub-prefect of Argeş county, Emilian Dragnea, declared that in four other localities the results of the analyzes performed by DSP Argeş showed that the water is non-potable.

“From the data received from the Argeş Public Health Directorate, the microbiological analyzes performed on water samples from several communes in the county showed that it is not drinkable. In Albeştii de Argeş the problems persist, here the water supply has been stopped for about a week. Among the locals, they are supplied with water from their own wells, both the local mayor and the water supplier have been contacted, and the pools will be disinfected again. The water is not drinkable in Slobozia commune, but also in the village of Zidurile din Mozăceni ( with a hundred households being affected). Also, in Uda locality, the samples are being restored, the water from the network that supplies the locality being stopped “, said, on Tuesday, the subprefect of Argeş county, Emilian Dragnea, quoted by Mediafax.

According to him, thousands of inhabitants in Argeş do not benefit from drinking water.

All five mayors of the localities where it was found that the water from the public networks is not drinkable were informed to take all measures.

The tanks will be disinfected and then new samples will be collected. The population was also warned not to consume water until the situation was remedied.

The public water supply network in Găleşeşti, a village located in the commune of Budeasa in Argeş, was infested with E. coli bacteria, two weeks ago, but following the measures taken, the results of the samples showed that the water is drinkable again.


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