Thousands of medicines for children with cancer stolen from the Mexican government – Telemundo Orlando (31)

MEXICO – Their voices showed the outrage and anger they feel. And with them they demanded that the authorities punish with the full weight of the law those who stole the drugs that would be destined for children with cancer.

“It does give a lot of courage because we are made fun of, a lack of respect because there are many children who depend on this medicine,” said Luis Fernando Reyes, father of a sick child.

According to the investigation, the theft was registered the first week of October and the criminals took around 38,000 boxes with medicines.

The complaint indicates that the group of criminals broke into a warehouse, threatened the employees, and remained inside for several hours before taking the merchandise and the videos from the security cameras.

The only thing that is clearly known so far is that the perpetrators of this crime numbered more than a dozen and were in at least 5 cargo vehicles.

“It was difficult for us to get these drugs, we brought them from Argentina, this is very rare,” said President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

After a month and a half of shortages in the middle of the pandemic, parents protest in the streets.

The president assured that they are working to prevent this from impacting patients, but parents, like Lesli Martínez, say they are desperate because they say that they have already suffered the consequences of the shortage during the pandemic.

“It’s a joke, because they say no, there is, there isn’t, and it turns out that when there is, they have already stolen it,” Martinez said.

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For now, the health authorities have appealed to the population to report any clue that leads to the drugs and who took them.