Thousands of people rushed to hospitals after news of the sudden death of a famous Indian actor… who is it

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Thousands of fans poured into the streets after news broke of the sudden death of a famous actor in India, putting the security authorities on alert.
The Huindustan Times reported on the 30th that Indian Bollywood star Funes Rajakumar died of a heart attack while exercising at a gym in Bengaluru on the afternoon of the 29th. aged 46.
According to the Huindustan Times, Rajikumar, a former savage actor, has appeared in more than 30 films, including the hit ‘Apu’, and has been loved by Indians as a ‘national actor’.
Rajkumar, who recently finished filming the movie ‘James’, was planning to start a new project soon.
Fans were shocked when the news of the sudden death was delivered, and mourning continued, including the Prime Minister of India.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted: “A cruel fate has taken the life of a talented actor.”
Thousands of Rajkumar’s fans took to the streets of Bengaluru to express their condolences. They rushed to the hospital, wept, and ran after an ambulance with the body, the media reported.
Movie theaters in Bengaluru are closed just in case. The restaurant was also closed.
Meanwhile, authorities in Karnataka and Bengaluru have set up a mortuary in an outdoor arena for many fans to pay their respects.
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