Home News Thousands of protesters for "Act XXII" yellow vests, mainly in Toulouse

Thousands of protesters for "Act XXII" yellow vests, mainly in Toulouse

A few thousand yellow vests demonstrated Saturday for the movement's act XXII, mainly in Toulouse, the "capital" of a day, where the tension rose in the early afternoon between police and protesters, shortly before the announcements. Emmanuel Macron supposed to put an end to a crisis of nearly five months. "The big debate, big blah," "Macron we expect nothing from your ads"could one read on the placards of the little Paris procession.

"In order for the movement to stop, it would have to announce the RIC (Citizen's Initiative Referendum) and the reduction of VAT on essential goods", explains Phil, a 58-year-old stretcher bearer who has been protesting since the movement's first day on November 17. In Toulouse, "capital" of the day for the protesters, the tension is a little raised between the procession and the police, who launched tear gas and stun grenades to reduce the perimeter of the event, again prohibited center -City and Capitol Square. In the early afternoon, in the center, a construction trailer and a van were burned, as reported by a journalist from France 3 Occitanie.

"You saw: everything was going well and they gas us" was outraged by AFP Maxime Nicolle, said Fly Rider, one of the figures of the movement, came to reinforce the city, just like Priscillia Ludosky, another figure of yellow vests. This event, like those of Bordeaux (a few hundred people), Laval (about 400), are the first to take place under the impact of the anti-crash law, particularly targeted by yellow vests. The text leaves it to power "Even more freedom to do anything and everything" against the movement, lamented Ms. Ludosky.

The Parisian procession joined him at the beginning of the afternoon, Place de la République, the march for "the freedom to demonstrate", organized by several associations (including the LDH, Amnesty, Attac, Unef, SOS Racism, etc.), against this device, partially censored by the Constitutional Council and about fifty organizations have requested the repeal. "This law turns our country into a repressive state where we will soon be banned from demonstrating and pointing the tip out"said a communist activist from the Republic Square. For the third time in a row, the police headquarters had banned any gathering on the Champs-Elysees and the perpendicular streets. Regularly imposed since mid-March, the partial prohibitions to protest concern also number of other cities: Lille, Lyon, Montauban …




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