Threatened Destinations: The Rising Waters and the Impacts of Global Warming

Drought and rising temperatures are not the only issues related to the global warming to brake. Around the world, many destinations are threatened by the rising waters. According to the different scenarios, the experts estimate that New Yorkand in particular the island of Manhattan, could experience a rise in water levels of 20 to 75 cm by 2050.

In Franceone in ten coastal dwellings would be flooded by the end of the century according to a study by the Callendar firm, which at the start of the year proposed an analysis of the impact of the risk of flooding on the tricolor real estate market.

To The Netherlands, of which a quarter of the territory is below sea level, two thirds of economic activity is exposed to the risk of submersion and flooding, indicated the Caisse des Dépôts last March. The Dutch meteorological institute KNMI has estimated that by 2100 the sea level off the coast of the Netherlands could rise by 1.2 metres.