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Threatening iPhone Phones New Version Know It!

Threatening iPhone Phones Threatening iPhone Phones The new version of a strange news spread on social networking sites on the threat of iPhone phones The new version, raised the panic and fear of iPhone users.
Threatening iPhone Phones for New iPhone Version
In details, according to the site "The Virgin," the US, where Apple launched a few days ago, the new version of its updated "IOS 12.1" for the "iPhone" and "iPad," which includes limited advantages, including more emoticons "Imogi ", And support the use of" sim "cards.
Security experts have discovered a serious flaw in the new update, which is to bypass the "lock of the screen" of the device by strangers, without the need for "finger or face fingerprints". This penetration allows access to all contacts, and traces of this vulnerability, Lock the iPhone screen in the previous update "IOS 12.0.1", which was allowed to steal the image from the device.
Not only has the new vulnerability made it possible to access the contacts, by having a group conversation, using the Visetime Group feature, after running the Flight mode.
A security expert who posted a video on YouTube said that it took only two hours to penetrate the iPhone after downloading the "iOS 12.0.1" update. These two breaches are a serious flaw if an iPhone phone is in place General, or who are robbed or robbed in their homes.
Apple has a long history of security flaws in iOS operating system updates, most of which are broken by the "lock screen". The iOS 6.1 update in 2013 allowed hackers to freely access phone records and contacts And photos.

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