‘Threatens’ Sarah van Soelen with summary proceedings against André Hazes?

Sarah van Soelen may ‘threaten’ with summary proceedings against André Hazes. This lets Patty Brard know in Shownieuws. After the love reunion with Monique Westenberg, Van Soelen no longer wants to be seen in his documentary.

Sarah seems to play a major role in André’s documentary, which was sold to Videoland for about 250 thousand euros. Since Dré and Monique were spotted together by Privé, Sarah is done with it. She called her ex a liar and blocked him on social media.

‘If not, something else will come’

Sarah called the production company last week, was supposed to be called back on Monday, hasn’t been called back, feels ignored. And now the week is over,” says Patty Brard during the Shownieuws broadcast on Friday evening. Patty: ,,She was texted back today with ‘shall we call tomorrow?’ She says: ‘Let tomorrow come, but if not, then something else will come’”, threatens van Soelen.

“A lawsuit or something?” Evert Sangeld wonders. “I think so, but if you haven’t signed anything, you haven’t signed anything, have you?” replies Patty. The van Soelen family would not have signed anything, such as a quitclaim, to give permission to appear in André’s docu-series. “They never promised to cooperate. She now says: ‘We’ll be out before that documentary comes out.’” says Brard.


The van Soelen family would have taken care of André in difficult times and Hazes left with the northern sun. Patty shows understanding: ,,There was never a thank you or anything towards that father. So they just don’t want to appear in that Videoland documentary anymore”.

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