Three Bentley Verses in Nida | GAZAS.LT

The most powerful Bentley engine

Here, guests of Nida will be greeted by the matte, special Cambrian Gray gray Bentley Continental GT Speed. This model reflects all the experience and solutions gained on Bentley racetracks. The all-wheel drive system, changed traction control, increased power transmission to the rear wheels and a new electrically controlled limited slip differential have led to a model that is completely different in sporting spirit from the standard Continental GT.

The Bentley Continental GT Speed ​​is equipped with a slightly improved, famous Bentley 6-liter W12 TSI engine. It develops 650 hp and reaches a maximum torque of 900 Nm. Continental GT Speed ​​100 km / h. reaches a speed of 3.6 seconds and drives until it reaches a maximum of 335 km / h. speed.

The gearbox fitted with this engine has been recalibrated to make the car more vibrant and manoeuvrable. This is most noticeable in sport mode, where the transmission allows the W12 engine to reach maximum speed before shifting to a higher gear. Meanwhile, when braking, it lowers gears faster and helps stop more efficiently.

Speed ​​also lies in the brakes

Racers often say that the secret of a fast wheel is effective brakes. That’s why Bentley engineers have allowed an optional carbon ceramic brake system to be installed here. The Bentley Continental GT Speed ​​in Nida has just that system, and the red brake calipers stand out in the dark design.

This new braking system has fast performance and is resistant to high temperatures when braking hard. The choice of carbon ceramic brakes has resulted in savings of more than 33 kilograms. At first glance, this seems small, but the brakes, like the wheels, are subjected to a rotating mass, which with speed becomes an undesirable phenomenon in the dynamics of the car.

Environmentally friendly luxury

Meanwhile, the new Bentley Bentayga Hybrid next door is completely different. So far, it is the only luxury and hybrid SUV in the world, and the manufacturer expects it to be the best-selling Bentayga range car.

A survey by Bentley found that more than 90 percent first-generation Bentayga Hybrid owners drive daily or at least several times a week. Almost everyone drives in fully electric EV mode, and every second of them travels just under 100 kilometers a day. Therefore, in practice, most daily trips with the new Bentley Bentayga Hybrid can be covered by electricity alone and without emitting carbon dioxide and particulate matter.

The main difference of the new Bentley Bentayga Hybrid is visible in the cabin – the driving mode key. The EV Drive, Hybrid and Hold modes will allow the driver to choose how the car battery should be used while traveling. When driving in EV Mode, the driver can use the accelerator pedal to sense when the Bentayga Hybrid is running on electricity alone and when the petrol engine is starting. This allows the driver to drive longer on electricity alone, or to use the power reserve when it is most needed.

Advanced technologies and centuries-old traditions

The Bentley Bentayga Hybdrid presented in Lithuania is special in that it is one of the first of these models and has the First Edition brand. Also, its black “Black Crystal” color was previously used only in the manufacturer’s flagship limousine “Mulsanne”.

The refined exterior is complemented by a salon with a dark walnut finish. But here it is different than in most cars. Bentley interior designers use only 80-year-old walnut trees, as it is only at this age that they are fully mature to reveal the natural beauty of the patterns. Two-color leather upholstery was also selected from special herds grazing in Northern Europe. This geography was chosen not by chance, because in cool meadows there are very few bovine stinging beetles that leave scars and stains on the skin.

Peace is the greatest luxury today

The third Bentley model to be available in Nida is the Bentley Flying Spur V8. This luxury sedan is designed to be enjoyed by both driver and passengers on the go. Its 4-liter V8 engine develops 542 hp and the rear wheels are steered. When driving slowly, the rear wheels of the Bentley Flying Spur V8 turn in the opposite direction to the front ones, so the car suddenly changes direction and becomes much more maneuverable. Meanwhile, when driving fast, the rear wheels turn slightly in the same direction as the front ones, giving you even more confidence in the car. As a result, its refined gambling will give you a great deal of driving pleasure.

Bentley masters also paid special attention to rear-seat travel. The easily rising screen from the center console allows passengers to easily select the temperature, enliven the atmosphere by choosing the lighting color or enjoying movies. All these experiences are enhanced by the exclusive design of the Naim or Bang Bang & Olufsen sound system, designed acoustically for this model.